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Why we Love SEO (And Soon You Shall Too)

At Websuccess we love SEO.

We learn it, sell it, do it, teach it, talk about it during a BBQ and quite frankly can't get enough of it. We use it as our primary form of marketing and pride ourselves in bringing tangible results to our ever-growing list of clients.

This is how we came to love it so much:

1) Search, is the number 1 channel of traffic to content sites. This beats social media by over 300%

2) 93% of online experiences start via a search engine

3) Prospects coming from SEO, have a 14.6% close rate, while other leads coming from marketing such as print or direct mail, have a 1.7% chance of buying from you

If these numbers sound far-fetched, you need to keep 2 things in mind. Firstly, that people's dependency on search engines is growing steadily and secondly, people who use search engines already have an interest in what they are looking for.

This makes all the difference!

Search-marketing is proving to be the best return on investment on marketing for countless companies worldwide across numerous industries - and the numbers are only growing. At Websuccess (an SEO agency based in Malta), we are here to help you achieve great online visibility.

Who are WebSuccess and why should you work with us?

we are strategic At Websuccess we design and develop search-engine friendly websites, and help businesses get traffic to their existing websites using SEO.

100% Specialized on Search Marketing & Strategy

Having spent years working on a variety of different online marketing channels, we firmly concluded that SEO is by far the most effective form of marketing, with the highest return on investment (in many indsutries at least).

For this reason, we have dropped all other forms of online marketing and specialized completely in SEO, over the past years.

Websuccess has become highly focused on Search Engine Optimization Marketing (and is probably the only company in Malta with this laser-focus on Search-Marketing).

Do You Need a Specialist?

Yes - you do.

Unlike other forms of marketing, SEO is highly technical and the underlying standards change fast and often. This makes it impossible for anyone to get great results unless they are highly focused on the subject.

Where online marketing is concerned, a Jack-of-all-trades is not someone who can produce real results. Keeping up with the game is tough, and while many people claim to understand SEO, you have to remember that mistakes can lead to big negative consequences, including your website getting banned from Google's Search Engine results.

Be cautious of novice providers and quick fixes as it can be harmful to your online profile, affecting your business negatively. It is critical that your search engine optimization is done correctly. Hiring an SEO expert ensures that your website ranks among the major search engine results without unnecessary risks.

The Real Goal of SEO

the goal of seo

If you had to ask people what they though SEO was, most would probably tell you that it is about "showing up when people look for..." or "ranking on page 1". While this is partially true, it is not entirely accurate.

The real goal of SEO is to get your brand in front of the right people at the right time. Good SEO increases your visibility with the right audience and gets interested people to your website's doorstep.

This is done by providing quality content that answers your audience's questions and building your brand online into someone worth listening to.

With a good SEO Service, your business can:

Reach clients that are ready to buy

reach new clients

People who find your business on Google search results are directly looking for your product at that time. Website visitors from SEO are up to 10 times more likely to buy from you.

Reduce Marketing Cost

reach new clients

SEO is a highly cost-effective marketing technique that targets only interested people. Results of SEO marketing build on each other unlike other forms of marketing that simply expire.

Access New Markets

reach new clients

You can improve search engine ranking for any country that can benefit from your product or service, that would otherwise be more difficult to target with other sources of advertising.

Our SEO Process

Part 1: Research & Strategy

keyword research

Any real SEO work starts with a solid strategy.

Before trying to "boost your rankings" or "rank on page 1", we need to understand:

Part 2: Website (Technical) Audit

technical seo audit

The entire foundation of SEO is your website's technical quality. Without a good technical base, there is no SEO.

No matter how many links you get and content you create, if Google cannot access your website and understand it properly, it will never rank it.

This is why we go into depth on your website's technical status and prepare what we call an audit for you. This document outlines required improvements needed so that Google not only accesses your websit eproperly but also loves it and will want to rank it.

Especially for large websites, Google may not even be getting to your pages yet, let alone rank them.

The technical audit ensures that:

Part 3: Content Strategy

quality content

Now that your website is of a good standing with Google and our strategy is laid out, it is time to start thinking about what content our audience is looking for and how best to provide it.

This were we work on understanding what your customers are looking for when they do the searches they do and what content best answers their questions.

This web-content approach is great for 2 things:

a) It gets Google to rank your website better because people show great interest in your pages (and Google tracks this)

b) When people actually find your web-pages, they like what they find, get a good impression of your brand and are a big step closer to buying

Once we know what we nee to write, we can then provide you with all the content that you need to achieve the planned visiblity.

Part 4: Domain/Brand Authority Building

domain authority

Links to your website from other websites has been a big part of Google's ranking system from the first days of the search engine.

This, however, has adapted and become more sophisticated over the year. Google now takes into consideration a large variety of factors apart from simply how many links point to your website.

A good way to look at this is that Google literally follows your brand online. It looks at how many "people" are talking about you, mentioning and referring you to others. It looks at how mentioned you, when and how and whether you are trying to "mess with the system" to try and rank your site better.

This has become a rather complex job, and if you don't know how to do it preperly, it will hurt your rankings instead of helping them.

Part 5: Monitoring & Reporting

client reporting

We keep track of how things are working and what progress is being made.

A detailed report is provided for you, outlining all the improvements being made, how new visitors are coming into your website, what they are looking for and a myriad of other factors that not only show you the results for your investment but also help us determine how to improve and take our strategy to the next step.

Research on new potential markets and keywords continues to be carried out throughout the lifespan of your project.

Your Company is Invisible Without SEO

client reporting

Google processes over 3.5 Billion searches every day, world-wide. Whatever your product or service is, and wherever you want to sell them, there are surely people who are looking for them on Google (and other search engines).

97% of people search for businesses online

Most web users never get past the first or second page on Google's page results. If your website is not amongst these results than it is invisible to 97% of people online. The competition is harsh, but nothing our kick-ass SEO services can’t handle.

75% of searchers never go past the first page

To rank amongst the top results of Google, SEO (search engine optimization) is imperative. As SEO specialists, WebSuccess can help you reach your goals of being visible to those searching for your business or services.

Over 9 billion Google searches daily

The number of people that trn to Google for assistance in finding what they want is astronomic and with the improvements that the search engine makes on a continuous basis, these numbers are only going higher.

If you want to find success online and be noticed for your services, hiring WebSuccess as your professional SEO specialists will definitely get you started on the righ track.

SEO in Malta - The Local Market

maltese flag Attention to Search Engine Optimisation and localised SEO in Malta has only come to light locally in the past few years, despite search engines being around for decades. Previously, few understood what it takes to appear on the search engine results page (SERP) and many Maltese websites lay hidden on the World Wide Web, doing little for one’s business beyond direct searches.

But a website can do a lot for your business through organic search, which can bring visitors to your site at the point when people are actually searching for businesses like yours.

In Malta Seo is becoming more and more popular. While search engine optimisation (SEO) is complex and nobody knows completely how the search engine algorithms work, there are ways and means of getting your business on page 1, in Malta and other countries. Ranking at the top of search engine results could take months, but can be achieved. We use tried and tested SEO practices that give tangible results, each and every time!

What is local SEO?

websuccess seo malta Local SEO optimises your website for searches within your specific location. Consumers are generally more interested in businesses located in their area and search engines pay attention to providing results that also satisfy this requirement.

Emphasising on localised Malta SEO will enhance your visibility for searches from IP addresses identified as located in Malta. It is therefore important to clearly define the geo location of your business.

Why are page 1 rankings important?

When users make a search request, the SERP displays a number of links relevant to their search request. Search behaviour indicates that most users click among the top links appearing on the SERP and rarely browse beyond the first page of search engine results. It is crucial for your website content to be displayed in the top ten first page results, as close to the first place as possible.

seo maltaSearch engine optimisation works to ensure that consumers can find your website when they search for key terms related to your business. Ranking well on search engines means gaining interested website visitors every month for free. They arrive at the point of demand, meaning they are likely to convert into customers.

When there are so many search engines, why place so much emphasis on Google

search engine market share

The most popular search engine is Google, which is considered the most accurate and efficient search engine and accounts for 78% of the market share worldwide. Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Ask, AOL etc. share the remaining 22%.

Google’s algorithm is constantly being updated and SEO practices are continually evolving to keep up with the new developments. Most digital marketers optimise for Google, giving secondary importance to Bing and Yahoo.

How do you optimise a website?

Let's say someone looking for SEO services in Malta, as you probably are doing now, goes into Google and types "SEO Malta". I would want this page to rank on the first results page so that the person looking specifically for SEO services in Malta find my company first, before my competition. In the same way, you definitely want your services or products to do the same with your business prospects.

In order to find any information online, we use a search engine. A search engine is an online searching tool that uses complex algorithms to match search terms with the most relevant and useful information available on the Internet.

Search engines strive to offer the most valuable results and will give preference to trusted, informative websites. An optimization specialist will identify the keywords and key phrases related to your business, undertake a comparative study with your competition and take all the steps necessary to optimise your website, both on page and off page.

On page optimization refers to all the factors directly related to the website and its content. Site functionality such as responsive website design, page loading time, broken links and HTTP response code errors are important factors.

Fresh, thorough and useful content, via web page articles or a blog, can provide plenty of dedicated information related to identified keywords. Webpage optimisation includes SEO titles, keyword density, meta tags, meta descriptions, alt text for images and so on.

Off page Search Engine Optimisation refers to the authority held by your website on the Internet, which is assessed via backlinks from other websites and the quality of online presence maintained, including Google maps and social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and others.

Why should I hire an SEO specialist?

SEO specialists such as Web Success Malta put their vast experience at your service to get your website to rank on the first page of Google's search results. You can find a lot of information online about how to implement SEO to your website, however none can teach you how to actually reach Page 1 on Google. At Web Success, we have always achieved first page ranking for our clients.

Get in touch with us today and find out what opportuntities await you for your business.

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