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The Power of SEO

SEO marketing channel
2,500 SMBs were asked: “If you had to put all your marketing time and budget into only one channel, what would it be?” (

SEO, beyond just a service or a marketing channel, has become a massive and integral part of almost any marketing strategy. With over 3.5 billion Google searches per day and growing, anyone can reach any audience anywhere, and the opportunities are incredible.

  • Search, is the number 1 channel of traffic for content sites, beating social media by over 300%.
  • 93% of online experiences start via a search engine
  • Prospects coming from SEO, on average have a 14.6% close rate, while other leads coming from marketing such as print or direct mail, have a 1.7% chance of buying from you

SEO is most often the most profitable form of marketing.

  1. People are already interested in what they are looking for. They know what they want and are looking for it now.
  2. Your customers can find you when they are looking for you (at the time of consumption) as opposed to when they saw your advert.
  3. The results of SEO are accumulative, building on each consecutive month and "compounding" over time.

More and more companies worldwide are realising how strong the financial return on SEO is.

How we Measure SEO Success

1. Sales & Revenue

online salesThe real goal of SEO is bringing in sales and increasing revenue. Those are the highest 2 metrics that one can use and can be seen when everything is done right, meaning:

  1. SEO efforts are working, and website traffic is flowing in
  2. The website is effective in turning visitors into customers
  3. The product offer and pricing on the website is good
  4. The brand reputation is good

This means that these 2 metrics, while being solid indicators of success, depend on several other factors which are not based on the SEO work itself. For this reason, apart from these 2 metrics, there are other metrics that we also look at, to evaluate the success of SEO investment.

2. Website Goals

Your website has softer goals than the final sale. These are earlier stages in the purchasing journey that the visitor goes through; such as:

  • visiting your product page
  • going into your register or contact page
  • looking at your "request a quote" page or
  • starting to fill in a form

When these goals increase, since they are part and parcel of your online sales process, your end results such as sales and revenue should also go up.

If they do not increase, we can help you identify the reasons for this and bring them to light for you so that together we can optimise your online sales journey and make it better.

3. Organic (Non-Paid, Search Engine) Traffic

organic website trafficIncreased organic traffic shows that more people are finding your website from searches on search engines.

This means that you are ranking for more keywords than you were before and that your rankings on the search results have gone higher. When the keywords (or search terms) that you are ranking for are the right ones, these should result in website conversions such as sales, subscriptions or requests.

The right keywords/search terms should be closely related to your product or service and indicative, from the words in the search phrase, that the person is looking to either purchase your type of product or look for information around it.

This indication is what the SEO industry calls "search intent". The more specific the search phrase is and the closer it is to an actual transaction being made from it, the higher the search intent is and the more probable it is that traffic from that term will lead to a sale.

Our SEO Process

Part 1: Research & Strategy

keyword researchIn SEO, strategy is everything. Unless you get this part right, you will simply be wasting time and money. This is because you need to:

  1. Target the right traffic that will make you revenue
  2. Plan the resources needed efficiently and prioritize well
  3. Know your competition as you will need to beat them

We therefore start by discussing your overall plan and then researching your market(s), whichever countries they might be in, to understand:

  • What people do we want to attract and for which products?
  • Which markets are good for us (apart maybe from the local market in Malta)?
  • What keywords to people use to look for our products or services?
  • How many searches are there every month?
  • What is the level of competition for these searches in your markets?
  • What are competitors ranking for and how do we beat them?
  • Which searches should we target first based on their difficulty and your budget?

Part 2: Website (Technical) Audit

technical SEO audit

The foundation of your SEO is your website's technical quality. Without a good technical base, there is no SEO.

No matter how many links you get and content you create, if Google cannot access your website and understand it properly, it will never rank. Especially for e-commerce or any large website, you might have tonnes of pages that could be giving you traffic and value, that Google cannot even get to.

Therefore, we go into depth on your website's technical status and prepare an audit for you. This audit outlines required improvements needed so that Google not only crawls and indexes your website properly but also loves it and will want to rank it. We can also implement these suggested updates and fixes for you.

The technical audit ensures that:

  • Google guidelines are followed on the website to allow the Google-bots to properly read and understand your website
  • Your website follows good standards such as good mobile access and good loading speeds. We also make sure that you are using the correct and necessary directives based on your type of website setup
  • Content on your website is optimally set up, marked-up and structured for Google to rank it as highly as possible
  • You are not breaking important SEO principles that might hurt your SEO visibility, such as accidental cloaking or bad use of mark-ups
  • Everything that is important to get you results ASAP is being addressed

Part 3: Content Strategy

quality contentNow that your website is of a good standing with Google and our strategy is laid out, it is time to start thinking about what content our audience is looking for and how best to provide it.

Here we work on understanding what your customers are looking for when they do the searches they do and what content best answers their questions.

This web-content approach is great for 2 things:

a) It gets Google to rank your website better because people show great interest in your pages (and Google tracks this)

b) When people actually find your web-pages, they like what they find, get a good impression of your brand and are a big step closer to buying

Once we know what we need to write, we can then provide you with all the content that you need to achieve your goal.

Part 4: Domain/Brand Authority Building

domain authority

Links to your website from other websites have been a big part of Google's ranking system from the first days of the search engine.

This, however, has adapted and become more sophisticated over the year. Google now takes into consideration a large variety of factors apart from simply how many links point to your website.

A good way to look at this is that Google literally follows your brand online. It looks at how many "people" are talking about you, mentioning and referring you to others. It looks at how many mentioned your brand, when and how and whether you are trying to "mess with the system" to try and rank your site better.

This has become a rather complex job, and if you don't know how to do it properly, it will hurt your rankings instead of helping them.

In this part of the job, we make sure that:

  • We get you the right amount and quality of back-links to build your trust with Google
  • Your authority building is being done with the right techniques and “velocity” that keeps you moving forward as fast (and cost-effectively) as possible but at the same time safe from penalties
  • Your most valuable target keywords are being “powered up” to rank better
  • You are growing beyond your competitors in terms of SEO authority
  • Your authority is growing specifically in your target country
  • Your authority is being built on your most important pages and spread across your website effectively (internal linking strategy)

Part 5: Monitoring & Reporting

client reporting

We keep track of how things are working and what progress is being made.

A detailed report is provided for you, outlining all the improvements being made, how new visitors are coming into your website, what they are looking for and a myriad of other factors that not only show you the results for your investment but also help us determine how to improve and take our strategy to the next step.

Research on new potential markets and keywords continues to be carried out throughout the lifespan of your project.

Reporting can include:

  • Improvements in rankings and the effects on website traffic
  • Statistics about website goals
  • Suggestions on new keywords that can be targeted
  • Suggestions on how the site can be improved

Why it is important to hire the right people

Unlike other forms of marketing, SEO is highly technical, and the underlying standards change fast and often. This makes it impossible for anyone to get great results unless they are highly focused on the subject.

Ranking on search engines has become insanely competitive and unless you have the skills to beat the best, your share of the pie will be small. Having the right people will get you the visibility you want for your brand, usually in much less time.

It can get ugly

search engine penaltyKeeping up with the game is tough, and while many people claim to understand SEO, it is worth remembering that mistakes can lead to big negative consequences, including your website getting banned from Google's Search Engine results.

Be cautious of novice providers and quick fixes as it can be harmful to your online profile, affecting your business negatively. It is critical that your search engine optimisation is done correctly. Hiring an SEO expert ensures that your website ranks among the major search engine results without unnecessary risks.

Good SEO is an investment, not an expense; more than what you spent, what really matters is what you get in return.

What Sets Us Apart

100% Specialised on Search Marketing

Through years of work on a wide variety of online marketing channels, it became clear that SEO is very powerful. We therefore dropped all other forms of online marketing and specialised fully in SEO.

  1. We have our fingers on the pulse of the SEO world. We are continuously up to date with Google updates, effective tools and efficient techniques. We know what it currently takes to get your website ranked.
  2. Having worked on a large spectrum of niches in different markets, we understand how to treat different countries and industries, differently. Not everything works in the same way everywhere.
  3. Experience in high competition niches such as property, gambling and finance, means sharpening up our skills drastically. Most projects are much easier.

Technical SEO

technical seoWe have very strong in-house experience in technical SEO (the part of SEO covering technical on-site setups, architecture and functionality). We take great care in giving your website a top-quality score for Google.

We ensure your pages are being crawled and indexed in the most efficient way possible (especially important for large and e-commerce sites), that your content is effectively optimised for your topics and that every element on your website comes together harmoniously, pulling one rope together and carrying your business to that page 1 on Google.

Websites With SEO at Their Foundation

SEO is not an add-on to a website, neither something that is run for a month as a campaign. When designing and developing a new website, we build SEO into the very foundation of a website. After researching your market to understand how your audience looks for your product or service, we build a strategy on how to target your audience. This allows us to structure the architecture of your website and content in the manner that gets this job done, building your website on effective and proven SEO principles and techniques.

The Opportunity of SEO in Malta

In Malta SEO is becoming more and more popular but many businesses still do not focus on it properly. With social media being so popular in Malta, Google is surprisingly still highly underestimated.

With the local market being so small, most web and marketing professionals and companies do not specialise in search engine marketing but simply offer it as part of their range of services. This is of course to widen the possibility of attracting clients and making sales.

For these reasons, ranking your website in Malta, even in niches which are usually more difficult, is surprisingly opportunistic. This is great news for brands that want to seize this opportunity and invest the resources needed to make it happen.

What is local SEO?

local seoLocal SEO allows physical stores and businesses in the local market to attract business by optimizing their website for searches within a specific country or location.

Consumers looking for products in Malta will many times get search results for Maltese brands, including maps and Google My Business accounts with reviews and business information. This is also influenced by the exact location of the searcher, since Google tracks your location and includes the proximity to a business on Google Maps in its ranking factors.

Local SEO allows your business to rank better in Malta (or your specific country/city) by localising it more to that country and showing Google that it is very relevant to customers coming from Malta, or that specific country/city.

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