Why You Should Hire Interns For Your Web Marketing

It’s a win-win situation for both the intern and the company.

reach international audienceBusinesses in a wide range of industries are hiring interns, typically students and graduates, to provide them with a hands-on experience in the work field while making use of free or highly inexpensive work. It’s a win-win situation for both the intern and the company. The intern acquires experience while the company acquires value.

One great way to leverage this opportunity is to get interns to help you with your web-marketing. This could considerably increase your sales at little to no extra cost. With a good digital strategy in place, some of your web marketing efforts (including content, SEO and social media) can be boiled down into easy-to-learn, specific tasks. Something perfect to give to your interns!

Simply put, interns (managed well) can help you attract more website visitors, acquire more subscribers/followers and in turn increase sales.

Here's how...

Before We Start

Keep in mind that interns are interns - they are not seasoned professionals with years of experience. Make sure that you give interns a job that you know very well, so that you can always guide them through the activity. Be very clear and specific about their tasks and start off with small tasks that can be easily understood and carried out. You can also give interns work that does not require too much setup to avoid having to start over again with every intern.

The Benefits

As I already mentioned earlier, interns can give your web marketing a good boost. Take a look at the following ideas.

Social Media

reach international audienceInterns can help a lot with your Social Media by researching, collecting and putting together content for your digital marketing. It may take some time, but with a little training it shouldn’t be too difficult and they will understand what content works best for your business. When you have people creating content for you, you can automate large parts of your Social Media marketing automatically with a software like hootsuite. It allows you to schedule posts on your social media platforms automatically (and recurringly), track and control your Social Media accounts, see what people say about your company and respond immediately.

By planning and preparing your digital content well, you can be building your presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Piterest, Google Plus and more with very little work from your end!

Articles With Valuable Content

reach international audienceOn the internet, content is king! Content gets people to your website, keeps them there, convinces them to subscribe and encourages them to buy or ask you for a quote. In fact, content is a digital marketing currency, much like actual money, that can be used to increase your presence, build your brand awareness and generate sales. Furthermore, web content is used to fuel all your web marketing efforts including Search Engine Optimisation, blogging, social media and even paid advertising.

If you want your interns to write good quality articles for you , try to find interns with a good level of English and writing skills. Interns can be great to research content and put articles together. Before you provide them with this task, have a basic skeleton ready for them and you may also give them some good links with valuable information. They can then collect and prepare information and images and create the article themselves. This can be a very time-consuming task, but with an intern, you can publish great articles that benefit your business without spending any time.

Spreading Content

reach international audienceFinished articles can be shared on all Social Media platforms and if you want to attract international attention, you can also share on content sharing and aggregating websites such as StumbleUpon, triberr.com, AllTop.com and Affposts.com. These websites allow you to post your own content and sometimes even let you link to your own site which helps with your Google rankings.

For a larger (free) visibility with your content marketing, you can turn your articles into slides, PDFs and audio and post them on a variety of slide-sharing and pdf-sharing websites with worldwide viewership such as Scribd.com, Slideshare.net (also accepts PDFs), Issuu.com and pdfsr.com

Again, this is a very time-consuming job, but can really pay off well in terms of traffic, brand awareness and SEO.

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

reach international audienceThe links you get from other websites are called backlinks and are extremely valuable in the process of building a better ranking on Google and other search engines. Finding link-building opportunities is a good task for interns to do, being easy to explain and comprehend and you will benefit highly from it.

Ask your interns to look for websites and blogs related to your industry and contact them in order to be able to find a way to create a link on their website, maybe by writing guest articles for their website or preparing content that is useful for them and putting it on your website for them to link to. This will improve your Google search results rankings and more potential clients will start finding your business online.

Lead generation

Not only can interns prepare and post content, they can also help you find clients directly. You can teach them how a typical client of yours would look like and ask them to find sales leads online. Once they do, you are able to contact them and introduce your company. Better yet, you can teach your interns how to approach potential sales leads, and get them to get in touch with them themselves via email!

(It is accepted and ethical to send just one unsolicited email if it is of potential value to the recipient, has a clear subject line and is personalised)

Appreciate Your Interns

love your interns Give your interns responsibility and show them that they are contributing to the company. Let them research things that you need to know more about, so your interns learn and teach you at the same time! In the end, always remember to give something back and appreciate your interns. Make sure that they are learning while working and although it isn’t necessary, small monetary gifts for hard-workers are always welcome. If you are nice to them, they will spread the word about the company and as always, what goes around, comes around!

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