Get Quality E-Commerce Website Traffic & Convert it Into Sales

Faster marketing returns with an agency that gives you attention. Start by reaching the easiest sales and grow with data-driven, strategic improvements.

  1. Plan an effective online-sales approach for your customers
  2. Design & develop your site in ways that deliver the best results
  3. Generate high-interest website traffic from search engines at low costs
  4. Know how your business is performing through smart reporting
  5. Get ongoing personalized advice on how to efficiently grow your online sales

The small business owner's dilemma

If you are like most small business owners, you probably:

  • do not have the time to do your marketing yourself;
  • are unclear of the returns (and full costs) involved in your digital marketing especially long-term;
  • may already understand parts of what goes into a successful digital strategy, but do not understand the full picture (all the pieces need to come together for any website to make positive returns and grow efficiently).

On the other hand, you want your business to grow and understand that taking your product online is the only way forward.

Online growth : A major challenge for most small businesses

12 years of digital marketing, working with business spanning across numerous industries and over 10 countries, have shown us one thing; succeeding online is a true challenge for most businesses.

Statistically, less than 50% of marketers manage to achieve consistent results for their clients. This means that often, businesses do not get the return they expected.

On the other hand, consistently successful marketers are typically very expensive, and cater either for bigger companies, or run their own online businesses exclusively, staying away from servicing clients. This is probably one of the reasons why almost 75% of small businesses do their own marketing themselves.

This DIY approach, while saving expenses, takes away valuable time and attention from running your business.

While 92% of business owners believe that having a website is the most effective digital marketing strategy, almost 75% say they find it hard to generate traffic and leads, and that their digital success could be much better.

Our Solution

Each of our successfull websites get 3 fundamental things:

a reliable and secure website, communicating
the brand accurately & offering the
required features for its customers

good quality traffic
that is interested in your product and has a good
potential of purchasing or converting

a good conversion rate
which effectively drives the most
action out of the website traffic

Step 1: Reliable & Secure Website

This is an easy one. Our team has been designing and building websites and e-commerce solutions for over a decade. We also offer full CMS solutions that allow you to manage every aspect of your site in an easy to use manner.

Step 2: Good quality traffic

This is where most businesses start encountering problems. Generating traffic is generally expensive and unless you are really getting good sales from your site, your returns are typically going to be low, or even negative. Furthermore, marketing services are also costly and so what happens to most sites is they stop actively investing in generating traffic and simply leave their website online as a business card, depending on the fall-back occasional social media posts, searches from people who already know about their brand and the once in a while paid ads campaign that may or may not produce a strong return

SEO as the #1 Traffic Source

Search engine traffic is much more likely to convert into sales than traffic coming from social media, sometimes even 10X more, simply because (one of the main factors) these people are looking for a product themselves, at that point in time.

While social media and other forms of “outward marketing”, or outbound, are great at expanding your brand awareness and building your audience, they are less effective for generating direct sales in the short term. Therefore, they should come later in the digital strategy, as a further investment and additional layer to your foundations.

The 1st traffic you should be getting is SEO traffic. These are the closest people
to buying your product & therefore the fastest ways to
start generating revenue.

Paid Adverts on Google (PPC)

Paid adverts on search engines (PPC) could also be great at forming part of your foundations, despite being potentially more costly than SEO in the long term. PPC goes hand in hand with SEO and they can be (and are, by smart search marketers) leveraged together to maximize the volume and quality of search engine traffic.

Paid advertising could help you get a bigger share of traffic that you know converts effectively
into sales. You can even plan rather accurately how much budget
you will need to reach your targets; based on PPC prices,
website conversion and your sales values.

What about other channels like social media?

Other marketing channels like social media, are then built on top of this strong foundation, to reach even further and attract a larger and wider audience. Email could also be used to engage with your mailing list, that you can build from your site, to engage visitors that have not purchased yet, or to sell new products to existing ones.

Step 3: Converting Traffic to Sales Efficiently

This quality traffic then needs to be converted into sales, as efficiently as possible. The first thing you need here is an online sales-journey that makes the sales process on your site effective.

This means that your site is designed and structured in a way that:
  1. Guides your audience towards understanding and appreciating your product
  2. Enables the maximum number of them to engage in the first steps of your sales process (get a quote, call, register, submit their details or even buy directly).

This process is then further optimized, based on your audience's interactions with your site, to maximize this success rate of website visitor to paying customer.

Full-Solution Package

1. Customer Journey
a. Your target audience & profiling them in detail
b. When & how your audience needs and seeks your product
c. How your audience looks for your product
d. How your audience makes the decision to buy your product
e. What information they need in different stages
2. Website
a. Reflects your brand and its personality
b. Presents your product in the best way your audience ants to see it
c. Structures your product information based on your user journey
d. Provides all necessary features to makes sales online, directly or indirectly
e. Is fast, reliable, and secure
3. CRO
a Monitor a wide range of data, following the success rate of each point along your online-sales process
b. Implementing adjustments, to push the success rates up of each point within your selling process
c. Leverage paid search to buy further traffic that holds the best potential for sales
4. Traffic
a. Researching the direct & indirect search terms that your audience uses to look for your brand & products
b. Optimizing your SEO to rank for these keywords on search engines and acquire traffic
c. Tracking the improvements, and adapting to your market's interactions
5. Reporting & Improvements
a. Tracking of your key metrics, such as traffic sources and online sales stages data
b. Issuing of reports and providing understanding of this
c. Recommendations for improvements and prioritisations based on cost/return estimates

Let's Talk


The Business Launch Package starts at €7500, but the final price depends on your exact needs. This quote includes everything from planning your journey, website design, and launch to CRO, reporting and SEO research (technical setup for key terms and brands.) You also receive training and support from our team to help you get started.

We ask for 50% down and 50% before launch. But we can also set up a marketing & creative retainer where we can offer monthly payments and help with any marketing, CRO, reporting, SEO and creative service needs over the year.

Every business is unique. Although we have designed the Business Launch Package keeping your needs in mind, we understand that you might have unique needs. We can work on a customized brand launch package especially for you. You can go for additional SEO, more reports and modules, or just more frequent website maintenance.

The sooner you sign the agreement and make the down payment (50%), the sooner we can begin. Our availability varies throughout the year, but we usually deliver everything to you within 4-8 weeks.

The Online Business Package does not take up too much of your time besides some feedback and collection of data for your e-commerce site. We provide extra hands to help you with everything. Our software also allows for bulk data entry to save you a lot of time.

We work with framework, C#, and SQL databases. Everything is adjustable – most of which does not even need technical interaction. We charge a meager maintenance fee for everything, even WordPress websites are pricier.

If you need help with anything, we are just an email away. However, before the official website launched, our team will provide you with the necessary training needed to launch the site and what to do after. We also provide you with a library of tutorial videos for your site. These serve as a reminder for when you next need to update your e-commerce shop.

You get to focus on running YOUR business while Websuccess focuses on your digital marketing and creative needs. We promise to make the process easy and fun. Whenever you have a request—simply send it over, and we will make sure it gets done correctly and on time! We implement and manage everything. This package is billed out monthly, with a 6-month commitment.

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