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By making these small, cost effective changes to your offer on your ecommerce store, you can really increase the chances of getting more visitors to buy your product. While these techniques are 100% ethical and positive in their nature, they can have a very strong influence in how your shop visitors react towards your ecommerce product offer, no matter if you are selling in Malta only or worldwide.

1. Give Something First

People give more when they receive something first. Research showed that when restaurants give customers a mint along with the bill, tips increase by 3%! With 2 mints tips go up to 14% and when giving two mints and tell you that it was a pleasure serving you particularly, tips increase to 23%. This concept applies to most other situations and selling products online is one of them.

1. Be the first side that gives some value for free
2. Make the offer personal - maybe have your online store save information about your customers
3. Make the offer unexpected

2. Make the Offer Scarce

People want something more when it is scarce. British Airways once reduced a London - New York flight due to it becoming less economical. After the announcement, sales drastically increased.

You can increase CTAs (calls to actions) in your digital store that outlines scarcity of stock or maybe a limited time offer. Some ecommerce stores even put a timer on their product pages that counts down, showing the time left to purchase an item at the given discounted price.

3. Like

People work with others they like:
a. we like people similar to us
b. we like people who compliment us
c. we like people who collaborate with us towards common goals Studies show

that uncovering common information and interests before going into business improves like-ability agree-ability by 40%. This will depend a bit on the culture, for example people in Malta are comfortable with a little bit of small talk before doing business. Other countries especially in northern Europe might be less comfortable with chit-chat before a meeting.
You can however easily replicate this principle via your about us page where you can discuss some detail about yourself and your business.

4. Consensus

When uncertain, people see what other people did to help make decisions.
A hotel stopped telling people to reuse their towels to care for the environment to started informing them that a high percentage of people were already reusing towels to save the environmental damage. This boosted results by 26%!

You can do this on the internet in your shop by displaying statistics that shed a positive light on your sales offers.

5. Wording

Minor changes in how you word propositions can have a great impact on your persuasion. Know who your audience is and what they are looking for in your product so that you may speak to them in a manner that interests and resonates more with them.

Adjust the copy of your ecommerce store properly so that it fits nicely with what you are selling and your web audience.

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