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Websuccess approved as a service provider for newly launched E-Commerce Grant Scheme

The Measures and Support Division within the Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto launched the e-Commerce Grant Scheme this month (November 2016). This scheme forms part of the Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes initiative. SMEs (Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises) interested in taking advantage of this grant may apply to seek assistance through this scheme.

The e-Commerce Grant Scheme falls under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Grant schemes through the implementation of support measures under the 2014-2020 programming period. This scheme is co-financed at 80% from ERDF and 20% National Funds.

So what exactly is this grant?

SMEs developing an e-commerce solution or upgrading their existing website to support e-commerce are eligible for up to 50% (with a maximum capping of €5,000) reimbursement on eligible costs under this scheme. The scheme is aimed at increasing the number of enterprises conducting online sales and providing support to local businesses to start selling their products online.

This is the perfect opportunity for your business to open up new markets and possibly reach an international audience.

What is covered by the grant?

- Web design and website development
- Implementation of Ecommerce solution
- Upgrade of existing website and/or mobile applications to enable online sales and bookings
- Domain and hosting fees
- Content Management System (CMS) to manage your website and products
- Shopping cart and payment integration
- Other setup fees

Basically, all the setting up of the ecommerce solution is covered by the grant, save for digital marketing.

Ecommerce solutions, however, need to be acquired from service providers who have been recognized as "accepted service providers" under this scheme. This process ensures that Grant beneficiaries can rest assured that service providers registered through this scheme have the level of competence and expertise required to deliver a high quality product.

EU ecommerce grant scheme As stated in the website, where you can find all related information and documents:

"To be considered for registration, Service Providers need to have the competence and expertise to render services for the design, development, implementation and delivery of e-commerce websites and mobile applications with online payment gateways integration, for Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises operating across different sectors of the economy" -


"The end product further to the procurement of such services shall result in an e-commerce website/mobile application having a content management system that is user-friendly and must comply with current industry standard e-commerce security practices. The e-Commerce website/mobile application will incorporate an online payment gateway and support at least basic analytics as follows:

a. Design, development, implementation and delivery of an e-commerce website and/or mobile application to meet the needs of the beneficiary SME.
b. Development, implementation and delivery of all technical elements to enable the function of the website and/or mobile application including a CMS for use to upload content, secure online payment integration, including an online graphical product or service catalogue.
c. Development, implementation and delivery of all technical elements to allow the successful integration of a payment system including appropriate electronic communication channels.
d. Integration of appropriate web analytics software to allow SMEs to generate data reports on web traffic to and from the website and/or mobile application.
e. Creation of a design for the website and/or mobile application that is in line with the brand identity of the SME. f. Registering and hosting of the site on secure servers.
g. Compliance across all website and/or mobile application design and development with at least W3C Level A accessibility guidelines."

The first cut off date for applications for this grant by businesses is 28th February 2017.

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ERDF ecommerce scheme

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