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"It is much easier now for me to promote my business". - Alexander Trevisan, Trevisan Engineering

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Get more sales at fewer costs - make your budgets work smarter, not harder!

With over 8 years of experience in diverse digital marketing channels, and have developed strategies for businesses (in Malta & other countries) in a variety of industries, we can help your business move ahead.

Our team can help you rank on Google with highly specialised SEO services for Malta or internationally, acquire quality leads and retarget them with paid ads, build a mailing list and generate sales with email marketing. We can also drastically improve the results you are getting from your website with the traffic you already have (conversion rates).

In Malta, digital marketing is rapidly on the increase and with good reason. Most business-owners (not just the Maltese) feel that generating quality sales leads is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business!

Too often, they feel overwhelmed by the fact that while marketing is inevitable, it is costly, ineffective and out of one'' control. Marketing your product may feel a bit like gambling; you put your time and money on what you consider a decent option and then keep your fingers crossed that the result would be profitable.

Many times, the result is mediocre, but since; "stopping your marketing to save money is like stopping the clock to save time", as they say, advertising becomes an unavoidable yearly expense that we just can't do without.

The reason why this happens is that most businesses have little to no (digital or not) strategy behind their marketing. They also have no form of properly monitoring and adjusting their marketing efforts so this leaves no option but to try their luck and shoot in the dark.

You can generate new, quality sales prospects every week, with little money and effort. It can also be put on "auto-pilot", scaled and repeated over and over again.

Not sure about digital yet? Then take a look at these statistics.

How Close is Your Business To Achieving This? Find Out by Answering These 8 Questions.

Why this plan is so achievable

advertising plan is achievable As with every other valuable aspect of your business, it will require some input, but when done right, the process is straightforward and you can start seeing some results quickly. Let's consider the following facts:

FACT 1 - If a product offers any kind of value (by solving a problem or somehow improving clients' lives) then there are always clients (maybe even lots) who will pay money for it.

If you have something valuable to offer then you are more than halfway there.

FACT 2 - Everybody can be reached online. There are nearly 3.5 Billion people online to date and the number is growing daily. Rest assured that the people who are willing to pay for your product are among them.

This means that we just need to find them.

FACT 3 - People look online for solutions and opportunities to improve their lives every day. Even when they are not "actively searching" (by typing in search phrases in Google) for products to achieve this for them, they are always on the lookout.

We simply need to find ways of meeting these prospects online and help them understand how we can help them.

Have your digital strategy running from just €120/month.

OK, so let's start understanding how it all works.

The ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS for this digital marketing strategy

digital strategy plan

Getting ongoing sales by advertising online is quite simple and consists mainly of 2 main ingredients, equally as important but one has to come before the other.

FIRST: You need a website/page or digital store that has the ability to receive a visitor and convert him/her into one of the following:

1) A paying customer
2) A person interested in your product who leaves his contact details (email mostly) - these sales leads may become clients later on through systematic communication (as I will explain soon)
3) A social media follower - also sales leads who may become clients later on and introduce us to other prospects similar to themselves

SECOND: You need enough visitors on your website/page to get your sales, potential leads and brand followers. Consider this as fuel for your engine. This will keep growing continuously through your improved website find-ability, bigger mailing lists, and social following.

Tbe more realistic, we have to keep in mind that 92% of visitors do not buy first time round and need to be guided through the purchase process (digital or offline). Apart from this, people who do buy can still buy from your business again in the future or introduce other people. Therefore, we need to add to this picture our social media followers and subscribers on our mailing list which as explained further on, will account for much more of our sales.

Prospects who do not buy now can buy in the future

We are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation about your digital marketing strategy. Let's talk!

The 5 Steps For Setting up This digital Advertising Strategy (click on sections to read more)

+ STEP 1- Plan Your Foundations Well

+ STEP 2- Create a (Smart) Content Strategy

+ STEP 3 - Get Traffic & Put it All in Motion

+ STEP 4 - Build a Relationship with your Followers Using Email Marketing & Social Media

+ STEP 5 - Analyze & Improve

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