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Here are some of the projects that stood out the most over the past year.

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A Top Performer in the Swedish Technology Space

This website operates as an affiliate website in Sweden, focusing on broadband services (Fiber and Mobile broadband specifically); a significantly competitive niche in the Scandinavian markets.

The website obtained page 1 results for most of the numerous search terms being targeted by this site within a year. Over the past year, it also became one of the very top performers in terms of organic trarffic for this niche in Sweden. This was possible due to a high number of position 1 to 3 results, as well as an even higher number of terms in the top 5 results.

The techniques used for this site's success where a combination of good quality content, focusing on the comparison of merchants within that space, on the key decision factors for the customers, and link-building that outperforms the setups of its key competitors. The technical/onsite SEO part of this job was pretty simple, although the on-page ranking factors needed to be highly polished due to the presence of some very good SEO experts also targeting the niche.

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Local Perfumery

Doubled Google Traffic in 1 month (from 5 to 10,000 visits)

This website operates in the perfumes space in the local market. The niche, at least in Malta, is not extremely competitive but the local market does not present very obvious opportunities for a website to obtain high amounts of traffic.

For this reason, one of the main challenges was to conduct a keyword research that captures the interest of potential customers without relying on the obvious big search terms that anyone would look for. This was done successfully and the website managed to optimise a large number of keywords that were already on the website's horizon, getting them towards page 1 and therefore getting clicks from them onto the website.

The techniques used for this site's success depended mainly on technical SEO, being an e-commerce site, together with lost link reclamation, optimized internal linking and a few backlinks to give it that extra little push.

The website spiked immediately in terms of organic traffic, doubling in just one month and increasing online sales in a natural consequence.

Local Car Rental

+ 300% Traffic in 3 Months

This website operates in the car rental space in the local, British, French and Spanish markets. The niche is competitive and to make things worse, the website had undergone a serious of botched "SEO optimisations" that were hurting the website badly.

The website was also attempting to target multiple markets with a technical SEO setup that was completely oblivious to this fact, and had a considerably weak setup. Furthermore, the website's technical platform did not allow for the proper implementations to be carried out, without creating a new website. We therefore had to find effective workarounds that achieve the same results without causing the client to have to re-do his website from scratch.

Due to these factors, most of the work revolved around identifying and correctly resolving a set of key technical problems that were sabotaging the website's success, especially in the foreign markets. Once these were resolved, through the work-arounds mentioned above, the site's authority started kicking in and the traffic started naturally flowing. With a few internal linking optimisations, a simple update of the content on the home page and a small amount of back-links, the site got a massive push, achieving more than 3 times the traffic and kept growing for almost 6 months after we stopped working on it.

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Double Traffic in 6 months and Top Performing in Testosterone Niche in Sweden

This website operates in the Testosteron supplements niche in Sweden. Health is always a competitive niche and to make things slightly harder, health websites (like finance) are considered YMYL topics (your money or your life - because they impact your money or your life). The website ranks in the number 1 position for the biggest term in this niche in Sweden and in top 3 to 5 results for the secondary important searches.

Due to the nature of the website and the landscape of the market, this website relies more on link-buiding than technical setups. Regarding content, lots of care was taken to create the best and most valuable content to help customers make a well--informed choice in their selection of these health products, while showing Google that the website fulfills the customer intent of comparing products within that market (what is knows as a comprison-type search).

The biggest challenge in these types of niches is always link-building. Competing websites are typically well-funded and rely heavily on link-building. For this reason, your site needs to build a certain level of domain authority, and doing this without breaking the bank is not easy.

A variety of link-building techniques were used for this site. It also makes use of a tier-2 link-building strategy which pushes authority to its directly-linking backlinks; causing the direct backlinks to pass more power to the website indirectly, while saving on costs at the same time.

Once we started getting indexed by Google, clicks went from 4.72K to 8.9K in just a few months.

In a few months, this new website went from 0 impressions to 94.4k in the begnning of the second year and by the end of the second year it was getting 161,000 impressions on Google search results for terms that are relevant only for the users.

S. Demanuele Watchmakers

Double Traffic in 28 days

This website operates in the watch-repair niche in the local market. It also sells related products online and want to reach out to foreign markets as its level of quality and expertise is know even outside our little island, with a stream of customers reaching out from Europe and Australia for repairs on high-end watches and other watch-makers reaching out for parts.

The website doubled its traffic in 28 days. This was another job mostly revolving around technical updates ; as is the case in many e-commerce type of sites which contain a high-numer of pages and a variety of technical aspects that directly impact the visibility of a website on Google and other search engines.

Page 1 Rankings for Secondary Keywords

This website operates in the property niche in Malta, focusing also of course on international searches. Property is hands-down the most competitive domain the local market, with the page 1 results domainated heavily by big brand names that have a massive reputation and popularity and domains that have been there for anything between 12 to 20 years. They also possess huge amounts of backlinks by local standards and most of them work actively on their SEO with pretty decent budgets.

Starting from scratch and on a new domain, vthe site has been able to secure a significant number of page 1 positions for high-value property searches and is moving closer to page 1 results for the big main terms covering generic, international property searches in Malta.

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